The Wolf Among Us 2 has disappeared and now officially says goodbye to 2023

The Wolf Among Us 2 was one of the many announcements that accompanied the return to life of Telltale Games, but it’s not a game which we will see soon.

The previous episode represented a much loved adventure (you can still find it on Amazon) also because it comes from a much loved comic book series.

That’s why when he showed up for the first time, even if with a simple teaser, the fans were already excited at the idea of ​​returning in the role of the Big Bad Wolf.

And after seeing it even more, despite the promise of a definitely distant release date .

And the date will be even further away because, as announced on Twitter by the developer, The Wolf Among Us 2 has been postponed to 2024.

A decision described as “difficult” by Telltale, which was investigated in an interview given to the microphones of IGN US.

The CEO of Telltale Games, Jamie Ottilie explained that the team faced this difficult decision for a variety of reasons, but mainly to avoid burnout or the creation of an unfinished game:

“Making games is hard and they need time to be well done. And none of us need to deliver something that isn’t ready.”

After being resurrected by LCG Entertainment in 2019 following the closure of the original Telltale, the reincarnation of the team had shown The Wolf Among Us 2 at The Game Awards of that year.

While at the time it made sense to announce the game early to help secure funding and support for the new adventure, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic the situation is changed considerably creating difficulties.

Ottilie declares that the development of the game is going well but, simply, the circumstances have changed even with the passage to Unreal Engine 5 which required a reorganization of the team.

In this situation The Wolf Among Us 2 could have been released in 2023 in only two ways: incomplete , or with a number of hours of devastating crunch for the whole team.

The turbulent history of Telltale continues in one way or another, whose rebirth is truly more unique than rare.

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