The Witcher Blood Origin in trouble: artist accuses the series of theft

It seems that the TV series The Witcher Blood Origin can’t really find peace, after it turned out to be a real flop, failing to convince either the public or the critics.

A prequel that went beyond the events of the saga was a winning idea on paper, even for those who love video games (you can pre-order The Witcher 3 Complete Edition on Amazon), but unfortunately it all worked out in the worst way.

In our review we indeed told you that Blood Origin «is the proverbial misstep, the TV series that was useless and that in fact adds nothing new to an already established franchise rich and multifaceted»: an opinion also shared by international critics, which has allowed the show to reach the all-time low of acclaim in the history of the franchise.

Now, after the critical appreciation of the well-known aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is really very, very low, an artist declared that Netflix would have “stolen” some of his works, using them in the show.

As Game Rant also reported, Blood Origin was accused by Ohio-born artist Shawn Coss of misusing her illustrations on set, after a Twitter user pointed out to him the disturbing similarities between his work and some posters of the series.

After receiving the notification, Coss commented on the matter stating that this was certainly not his first such case, although it is certainly the theft of intellectual property of the highest profile that has ever occurred to him in his entire career.

Coss even went as far as tweeting fellow graphic artist Boss Logic for advice on what steps to take (we guess from a legal standpoint).

Actually, Coss himself said that the most probable hypothesis is that another artist copied his drawing and proposed it to Blood Origin without those responsible having the slightest idea that it was plagiarism.

As of this writing, Netflix and representatives of The Witcher have not yet released a statement regarding Coss’ claims. We will keep you updated, in case there are any news.

Staying on the subject, the third season of The Witcher Netflix TV series could be divided into two parts, as announced in these hours by the showrunner.

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