The trailer of GTA 6 like GTA San Andreas is pure nostalgia

You will have seen the first trailer for GTA 6 dozens and dozens of times, so much so that now someone has thought of making an almost identical film using images from the beloved GTA San Andreas.\r\nPutting aside the well-known GTA V (which you can find on Amazon) fans have never forgotten the historical chapters.\r\nJust think that a few days ago a user recreated the announcement trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 but with the character models of GTA V.\r\nNow, after the trailer recreated in GTA 4 style, it’s the turn of a new video that imagines it with the graphics of San Andreas.\r\nAs also reported by PCGamesN, in fact, the YouTube channel Kikons78 has recreated Trailer 1 of Grand Theft Auto 6 but with the style and character models of GTA San Andreas. You can find it as usual in the player below.\r\n\r\nThe video attempts to recreate the same sequences seen in the GTA 6 trailer, but with the characters and typically 128-bit graphics of the original GTA.\r\nObviously , the technical sector now appears decidedly old and obsolete, but the loyalty towards Trailer 1 of the sixth chapter is still commendable.\r\nIn short, even after the trailer recreated in perfect PS1 style, it seems that GTA 6 has already set a precedent , even before its official release in physical and non-physical stores.\r\nWe remind you in any case that GTA 6 is arriving in 2025 (therefore next year) on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X (and subsequently also PC): in While waiting for the release, we take stock of all the information already known about the next episode of the Rockstar series.\r\nBut that’s not all: we know well that Lucia ends up behind bars in the trailer of GTA 6, and fans have speculated that the game should offer a portion of gameplay in prison.

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