The success of Helldivers 2 will give players even more content

Helldivers 2 was one of the surprises of this 2024, or at least among the first products that arrived on the market in the early days of the new gaming season.\r\nDespite being one of the GaaS that PlayStation has produced and launched (so much so that you can find it for PS5 on Amazon), Helldivers 2 has succeeded in the feat of making its way into the hearts of players.\r\nOf course the game has caused discussion but not for its merits, but rather for the statements of the CEO of Arrowhead, the development team responsible , which launched controversial statements on the topic of video game monetization.\r\nThe fact remains that Helldivers 2 was liked so much that it also sent matchmaking into a tailspin, forcing the development team to take action to boost the servers overwhelmed by excessive enthusiasm.\r\nAnd it won’t be the only ongoing change that will be made because, as reported by VGC, the development team also intends to enhance the content that is coming soon.\r\nSince the release last week, Helldivers 2 has garnered over 200,000 concurrent players on Steam alone, so support is definitely needed for what has been Sony’s biggest PC launch to date.\r\nThe Arrowhead CEO said the company wants to recruit more developers to “strengthen” its content plans for the shooter published by Sony, available for PS5 and PC:\r\n\r\n«With the success of Helldivers 2, we will begin to look for more and more extraordinary developers who can help us accelerate and strengthen our content plans. Jobs will increase soon, but if you are a senior developer there is always an “open application”. new workforce.\r\nSmall curiosity about the revelation shooter: there is a touch of Spider-Man in it. Did you know?

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