The Skyrim gaming chair is perfect: there is also the arrow on the knee

Yesterday The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim celebrated ten years since its release, ten candles for the Bethesda’s most loved game ever.

As well as Bethesda’s most famous game ever, the one that consecrated the series forever, dated November 11, 2011.

A video game that has practically become pop culture , appreciated by many players all over the world, who have had a lot of fun with the many bugs in the game.

Ten years after the release that the whole world celebrated, we too with a nice analysis of the value of Skyrim today, in relation to our experiences .

But no sentimentality , because now is the time to fall in love with this gaming chair from Skyrim , and buy it as soon as pre-orders start.

There are many products under license from Skyrim , truly an infinite world, but we have hardly seen something so careful about the title Bethesda.

It is part of the HERO line of Noblechairs , a company known for creating well-made chairs, and you can register at the official address to be notified of the opening of orders.

We do not know the price nor the precise specifications of the chair, even if the site speaks of great comfort, high quality materials, and so on. We don’t even know when it will actually be available.

But there is one thing, which, as a Skyrim fan, will probably make you buy this chair right away :

There are so many ways to pay homage to a brand, but to put a knee-high arrow ( third image, above ) on a gaming chair worth hundreds of euros is something unique.

Stay on these pages to find out when the chair will be available , while Skyrim Anniversary Edition even gives players a gift.

Skyrim was a seminal title for the world of video games , but recently Todd Howard admitted there will be a long way to go in the future.

But, despite everything, it will be a great inspiration for the next Bethesda blockbuster , which we can’t wait to find out more about.

If you want to step into the next-gen of Microsoft (and Bethesda), you can still buy Xbox Series S at a discounted price on Amazon.

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