The secret area of ​​Nier Automata still exists, thanks to a mod for everyone

Nier Automata is back to being talked about recently, for a decidedly curious story raised by the community.

The work of Yoko Taro , which is also coming to Nintendo Switch via Amazon, certainly does not lack of things that can be opened a debate, but we could hardly expect an area secret.

The story began to circulate several weeks ago when a user claimed to have discovered a secret zone within Nier Automata .

While many have tried to access it, without success , at the moment which one began to think it was who knows, in the end the mystery was revealed and it was simply a mod.

The secret church that drove Nier Automata fans crazy for weeks has never been real. At least until now.

As reported by IGN US , the mod that created the history of summer on Yoko Taro’s title is now complete, and is available to everyone.

The DevolasRevenge mod is available for download on NexusMods, of course only for your PC version of the game.

It is called “The Nier Automata Church” and, as the name can easily suggest, allows you to enter the same place that was at the center of the intriguing story that involved the community .

In short, the mystery is definitely over and now all players can be part of it, and explore the mysterious secret church hidden in one of the game’s levels.

Who knows if the Nier Automata fan who broke up on Tinder will care about making this mod known too. Don’t you know the story? We strongly advise you to retrieve it.

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