The sale of a PS5 ends in tragedy: buyer shoots and then flees

Occasionally we also have to read terrible stories related to the world of video games, and today’s one is related to the buying and selling of a PS5.

Sony’s new console has become the object of desire of many , and private trading is the order of the day.

Also during Black Friday it was among the best-selling items but, on this specific occasion, it was beaten by something else on Amazon.

We’ve seen a lot of foolish and reckless exploits trying to buy a PS5 , and even hated touts sometimes throw themselves into such situations.

What we tell you today, however, is a story we hoped not to have to read: a 19-year-old boy from Texas nearly died while selling a PS5.

The story was reported by news outlets around the world, including Kotaku , and the way it unfolded is chilling .

The 19-year-old from Harris County, Texas had his PlayStation 5 up for sale on an online platform. A completely normal practice carried out, and over the weekend he agreed with a buyer for the exchange done in person.

At the time of the meeting the buyer pulled out the gun , pointing it at the boy in an attempt to steal the console . It is not yet clear what happened next, but the 19-year-old was shot in the side, after which the shooter fled without even taking the PS5 , which remained in place.

At the time of writing the authorities report that the 19-year-old is in the hospital in stable condition , and not in danger of life, while the assailant is unfortunately still on the loose.

Difficult to attribute such a gesture to the result of the PS5’s lack of stocks, a crisis that seems to have no end, but certainly it is something that would not have happened if the console had been easily purchased.

PS5 still continues to sell a lot, crisis or not, precisely because of the frenzy with which players try to take home the new generation of PlayStation.

PS5 is nowhere to be found, the DualSense a little less: you can buy the red one on Amazon at the best price!

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