The remake of a cult PlayStation is coming and the release is near

The generation of the first 32-bit PlayStation is full of memorable titles, some more fortunate and able to receive a large number of sequels over time, while others decidedly no.

PS One (which you can also find on Amazon in its mini version) boasts an enviable title park and has hosted many of the sagas that have been remakes in recent times.

Also considering that the new PlayStation Plus Premium lets you replay some old glories from the past, it’s no surprise that the PS1 era is back.

Now, as also reported by , it seems that the remake of a small, great classic released in 2000 is in the pipeline.

First announced in 2017 and then gone off the radar, Fear Effect Reinvented is now showing in a surprisingly released trailer.

The video in question shows a new cel-shaded graphic style very similar to the look of the original game, with an release that the developers promise to be really close .

A little below, in the dedicated player, you can admire the teaser trailer of the new Fear Effect .

For those who don’t know or are too young to remember, Fear Effect is a PlayStation shooter that combined a very distinctive style with cinematic gameplay .

Just a year later, in 2001, a sequel was also released, called Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix , which told the story of the protagonists and the events preceding those of the first chapter.

The title allows us to play as three mercenaries, Hana, Glas and Deke , tasked with finding the missing daughter of a Hong Kong Triad boss.

The remake will be absolutely faithful to the original game , while revising both the gameplay and the graphics sector. The reference platforms and a more precise release date are still unknown.

Always talking about great classics, on the pages of Gameshift we told you about a historical fighting game of the 32-bit era, namely Tekken 2 .

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