The new series of Pokemon has unveiled a new Pokemon never seen before

Even the new Pokémon series continues to cause discussion, after the recent videogame episodes that have been on everyone’s lips.

After retiring Ash, the legendary coach who represented the dream of so many boys and girls from all over the world (also with beautiful gifts on Amazon), the protagonist of the animated series of Pokémon, now he takes the trouble to show new creatures as well.

It is therefore not enough to say goodbye to Ash Ketchum after 26 years, marking a trauma for all older coaches.

The new animated series is serious and, after wanting to impose itself on the collective imagination, it is now also the place to showcase new creatures.

As Kotaku reports, the latest installment of the new Pokémon animated series broadcast in Japan put on stage a monster never seen before.

The first episode of the new series took fans by surprise, who were able to get a first look at an unreleased Pokémon. It’s not the first time the anime has debuted a creature before regular video games, but it’s always a surprise when these rare events happen.

There is no name yet for this turtle-like creature, but there are some clues to its origins:

An observant fan may have noticed that the new Pokémon’s color and shape resemble Terapagos, a Legendary that was revealed during Pokémon Day earlier this year.

Terapagos is the mascot of the recently announced Scarlet and Violet DLC, and fans are trying to find direct links. The community is starting to believe that it could be a “baby” form of the Pokémon, like Phione.

While waiting for official information to be discovered, fans can enjoy one of the most beloved spin-offs of the series that has arrived on Nintendo Switch Online.

In the past few hours, however, another bad news has arrived for lovers of free-to-play games: Rogue Company will stop being supported on Switch, due to performance judged not up to par expectations.

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