The new PS Plus is “welcome” and will earn Sony a lot

The new PS Plus will appear next June, with players ready to try out Sony’s new package of services first hand.

PS Plus subscribers will be able to access the best titles of past, present and future generations, leaving behind the PS Now parenthesis, absorbed by the new subscription model.

If in these hours we at Gameshift have explained to you why the new PS Plus is not Sony’s answer to Game Pass, now it is the turn to leave the floor to the analysts .

As reported by , a number of industry analysts have been talking about Sony’s newly announced PlayStation Plus service.

Experts have revealed that PS Plus 2.0 is not only a welcome and long overdue addition, but that it will also and most importantly serve to increase the company’s revenue in the future .

Strategy Analytics Director of TV and Media, Michael Goodman , said:

Sony has long been waiting to merge these two products, because that’s where the market is today. They have created an attractive product . Giving consumers the choice of hundreds of games, and combining multiplayer is important.

Piers Harding-Rolls , research director of Ampere Analysis, was a little more skeptical about the appeal of the new PS Plus than Xbox Game Pass, but has now revealed that Sony will likely be more aggressive in scheduling its game releases.

Just below, the words of Harding-Rolls:

It won’t have the pull of Microsoft’s service. Where I think Sony will try to be more aggressive is relative to the window between the release of its new games and their addition to the service.

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service will launch in June and will offer a three-tier subscription service, which will include a range of PS4 and PS5 games, as well as legacy titles depending on the tier chosen.

Have you read, however, that a considerable controversy has recently broken out regarding PS3 games that can be played in streaming?

Finally, news has also come in the past few hours that Sony has decided that PlayStation Plus Collection will lose one of its best video games.

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