The new Logitech portable console shows itself (and will remind you of something)

A few weeks ago it became known that Logitech G and Tencent Games are working together to bring to market a portable console for cloud gaming , due out later this year.

With the Nintendo Switch (found on Amazon ) still hitting the shelves, fans of handheld platforms have nothing to complain about.

Not to mention the new controller for iPhone, inspired by the DualSense, which will certainly give a certain momentum to those who love to play in portability-

Now, however, as reported in recent days, the two companies are combining their hardware and software skills so that players can play Triple A, but in cloud gaming. And now the first image of the new console known as Logitech G Gaming Handheld has appeared.

Image: Evan Blass via Twitter

As also reported by The Verge , Logitech’s new portable console for cloud gaming leaked weeks after the company announced it was working on the new device .

Evan Blass tweeted console images revealing access to the Google Play Store , as well as support for Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia’s GeForce Now service.

The Logitech G Gaming Handheld is about the same size as a Nintendo Switch and even includes a user interface similar to that of the Big N console, in where you can browse apps and games.

A leaked image shows the Chrome and YouTube apps, as well as icons for Xbox, Nvidia and Steam. While Blass tweeted the images of the platform, Logitech was quick to file a DMCA complaint to remove them from Twitter (and thus confirm the authenticity of the device).

Access to Google Play means that this platform should be able to run the latest mobile games natively , as well as focus on cloud gaming.

The white version includes two analog thumb sticks, a D-Pad and the Y, B, A and X buttons . There are also four buttons on the front: Logitech, home, menu and a button for the context menu, as well as two bumper keys and two triggers, like on most modern controllers.

It’s not immediately clear from the leaked images how large the Logitech G Gaming Handheld’s display is, but an image reveals the presence of a potential mute switch and expansion slot for microSD cards .

Staying on the subject, Xbox has never launched a full-fledged portable console, although it is striving to make its games available on many devices thanks to cloud-based streaming.

After all, nostalgia for laptops is so different that recently a fan imagined what such a console could be today in the era of Switch and PS5.

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