The legendary Warren Spector: “every game should offer something never seen before”

Warren Spector is one of those video game writers who needs little introduction. The father of sagas such as Deus Ex and System Shock , famous for his work on the Ultima saga, recently Spector seems to be involved on several fronts – and one of them is represented by a new mysterious project of which we only know the name, Argos: Riders on the Storm , and the fact that it will be a multiplayer game .

On the occasion of the confirmation of the existence of this game, which Spector will sign with its Otherside Entertainment (here the official site), the author has granted himself to the microphones of IGN USA , underlining what he considers important to do with each new video game: bring something that hasn’t been seen before in other works .

As always in love with immervise sims, Spector explained:

«I’m a tireless advocate for immserive sims. And I’ve been thinking about it for years now: what is the next step that this genre can take? ».

This is where his idea of ​​ Argos was born, a video game which will indeed be an immersive sim, but which will offer multiplayer dynamics with a limited number of gamers. We don’t know any other details, but according to IGN Spector wants to allow players to “get the same feeling he got the first time he played Dungeons and Dragons”.

The logo of the new Warren Spector game

And here comes perhaps the most interesting point of his intervention, because what matters, according to Spector, is to create a game that offers something totally original . If he isn’t capable of it, then it would be time to stop playing games.

In the words of Spector:

«I strongly believe that every game must have something that has never been seen in any other game before. And I can promise you that the game we’re working on will have it. “

This is undoubtedly an interesting vision, considering we just recently talked about the fact that video games that are very expensive to make struggle to take creative risks, because they may not translate into commercial success. Often, however, templates that are already known and that it is well known that they are appreciated by the public are repeated, leading to a kind of stagnation situation in which it is difficult to experiment with something new – if not in independent productions, which, on the contrary, make originality their raison d’etre, also for commercial reasons.

Working on Argos , in 2019 Warren Spector had instead signed the forgettable Underworld Ascendant , which had unfortunately translated into a really problematic work – here Daniele’s review Spelled.

Regarding System Shock 3 , we remind you that Otherside has passed the baton to Tencent and it will therefore be the company that will decide the future of the new episode of the famous saga, which has now disappeared for at least a couple of days. ‘years. In this regard, Otherside explained that «we are a small team and it was difficult to carry out the project with us. We think that Tencent’s deep knowledge and great skills, as a leading gaming company, will take the franchise to new heights “.

We obviously look forward to seeing and discovering these new peaks. In the meantime, the ambitious Argos will have to be kept an eye on.

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