The legendary Paul Phoenix returns in Tekken 8 and has definitely changed

If, seeing the cover image of this news, you wondered what happened to Paul Phoenix’s famous crew cut, our recommendation is not to go around saying it too much . Because, wildly coiffed or not, Paul still punches like a blacksmith and his mighty punches are ready to blast some incisors and premolars even in Tekken 8 .

Just in these hours, in fact, Bandai Namco has released a rich new trailer dedicated to this character – who has always been one of the most loved and recurring in the fighting game franchise. Beyond the refreshed look – with hair loose on the sides of his face, but the return of the ever-present blond beard, severe eyebrows and biker wardrobe – Paul is exactly as we remembered him, especially in the power of his strokes . Not fast, of course, but heavy and capable of doing a lot of damage, both with the hands and with the legs.

Between the tamarro and the tamarrissimo, to the point of getting to the clashes with his bike, Paul is shown in action in the trailer that you see at the top of our news, face to face with Law.

We wouldn’t piss him off, then you…

We must say that the glance absolutely has its effect: there are so many details that are their place and also the games with shot changes made by the direction of Bandai Namco make the clash very spectacular. In short, Tekken 8 seems very promising, from these glimpses.

We remind you that, previously, Bandai Namco had also shown us other well-loved characters, such as the iconic Jin Kazama – who became one of the main protagonists of the franchise from Tekken 3 onwards.

At the moment we still don’t know when Tekken 8 will make its debut, but we already know that it will be an experience designed only for next-generation consoles and PC. To learn more about the fist fights made in Bandai Namco, refer to our dedicated hub page.

The previous Tekken 7 (you can find it on Amazon) was released in 2015 in arcade rooms and in 2017 on consoles. You can refresh yourself, to catch up, by taking a look at our dedicated review.

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