The Legend of Zelda, one of the covers could have been obscene

The Legend of Zelda for NES, the first chapter of the… legendary saga, has also become famous for its golden case.

A small work of art that has been replicated by many other merchandise items, such as the latest Game & Watch dedicated to Zelda that you can find on Amazon.

For an equally legendary title that, on some occasions, even sold for big bucks in the case of a practically untouched copy of the game.

The first The Legend of Zelda has also marked Link’s debut obviously, which in 36 years of life has really changed a lot.

But if the world has known the game with the splendid golden box that you can see above well, know that we took a big risk .

As reported by Kotaku , one of the first versions of the box The Legend of Zelda was truly creepy.

Martin Lindell, a videogame historian and consultant for videogame preservation for Embracer Group, showed on Twitter some finds from Nintendo’s promotional campaigns.

Precisely an old promotional kit for an old CES , which featured advertisements for some Nintendo Entertainment System games of the time, the 80s .

There are Volleyball, Pro Wrestling, Slalom, Punch-Out !!! and a prototype of The Legend of Zelda that makes the skin crawl :

You also pass the black design which, if nothing else, is consistent with other NES games. It’s not nearly as beautiful as the gold color, but at least it stays perfectly in line with the other games.

But the mockup meanwhile reads “Legend of Zelda” and not “The Legend of Zelda” , but above all it shows a gruesome illustration that is not representative of the game , nor does it make you understand in the least what it is.

Fortunately, things went differently and we got the famous gold case, much more fascinating than the one shown by Lindell.

Speaking of things that could have gone differently, a little while ago the game of Zelda popped up deleted that Retro Studios was working on: here are the details.

Now Nintendo is doing much more interesting promotional campaigns, as in the case of the giant Link statue dedicated to the next Tears of the Kingdom .

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