The Last of Us was about to receive a prequel with a new protagonist

The first season of the HBO series on The Last of Us has reached its conclusion, reporting however on the the crest of the wave also the videogame of the same name.

The show told the story of the Naughty Dog masterpiece (which you can experience in the PS5 remake on Amazon at a considerable price), retracing its events, characters and situations.

Now, after Neil Druckmann spoke briefly about The Last of Us Part III, some background on a never born prequel has emerged.

As ​​also reported by The Gamer, in fact, the idea was that to allow players to experience the story of Ellie’s mother firsthand.

The Naughty Dog boss spoke of a prequel to The Last of Us that was never made, but that was in the running for development.

This game would be born from an element that viewers saw in the series, but which in fact never made it into the games. We are talking, as mentioned above, of the story linked to Ellie’s mother.

In fact, the character in question appears in the ninth episode of the HBO adaptation, played by Ashley Johnson (actress who gives voice to Ellie in the games) and we find out how her daughter obtained immunity from Cordyceps (no spoilers, don’t worry)

Originally this was supposed to be a pad-in-hand experience, as Druckmann recently stated on the Kinda Funny show.

It’s unclear whether this would be a Left Behind-style DLC, or maybe even a standalone product: «There was a much more complete version of this story that it went further back in time and that it would have been made into a video game,”, said Druckmann.

«Not from Naughty Dog, but from another development studio introduced to me by Greg Miller, we talked to them for quite some time to do this thing but then the idea didn’t work».

During the same interview, the author was also able to comment on the success of the television series, promising that he will not make the same mistake as Game of Thrones and will limit himself to the narration of the already on the market.

Staying on the subject, Druckmann always talked about the standalone multiplayer of The Last of Us, and that apparently there will be a reveal later in 2023.

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