The Last of Us TV series, the production asked Ellie not to play the game

Ever since it was announced that HBO would be doing a television adaptation of The Last of Us , fans have undoubtedly raised their antennas : Naughty Dog’s masterpiece was in fact being entrusted to the broadcaster known for its very ambitious projects – think of Chernobyl and Game of Thrones , to understand the extent.

It’s fair, then, to expect HBO to have a rather obsessive attention to detail in its productions. In this case, even more so, if we think that it also involves Neil Druckmann in the production team. We thus learn that, among the obsessive attention to detail, there was also a particular request to Bella Ramsey , the young actress who will play Ellie in the episodes.

As told by the artist to the microphones of USA Today , in fact, the production asked her if she had played The Last of Us ( you can find it on Amazon). When she said no, she was advised not to .

The comment in these hours is attracting the distrust of some fans, who believe that in this way Ramsey does not could have been loyal to video game Ellie, but HBO’s purpose was just that: to make the actress play her role naturally , without being conditioned by how Ellie is acted. within the game by other players.

Bella Ramsey and the non-play The Last of Us

When the reporter asked her if she ever played the saga , Ramsey explained laughing :

« I was asked not to do this . After my first audition, they asked me ‘did you play it?’. I replied ‘no’ and they said ‘ make sure it stays that way ‘ “.

The actress, however, peeked a bit online to get an idea, taking advantage of some video on YouTube, but chose not to play The Last of Us , respecting the wishes of the showrunners and producers.

«I’m really excited about her release, it has been a huge part of my life » added Ramsey in her interview . «We shot for a whole year, which is a long time if you’ve only lived nineteen years».

The thought of Pedro Pascal

In the interview, the actress also shared a very nice thought of Pedro Pascal , an actor who plays the rocky Joel Miller on the HBO series. At the end of the shoot, in fact, the artist dedicated a note to her with a message, saying that he was in turn very attached to her experience on the set of The Last of Us :

“Pedro wrote me a little note at the end, where he said ‘it’s interesting that something so big and life-changing happened so early in yours and so late in mine'”.

Ramsey said she was very impressed by this thought, with The Last of Us somehow intertwining life and artistic careers of the two main performers. Pascal, we recall, is in fact born in 1975, Ramsey born in 2003.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in The Last of Us

«I thought it was a very sweet remark and I had a wonderful time» closed the actress.

The Last of Us will arrive in the course of 2023 on HBO, as confirmed by the recent and intriguing trailer. In Italy, the series will be broadcast by Sky and its Now TV streaming service.

If you want to know more, we obviously recommend our article where we take stock of everything there is to discover about the television adaptation of the video game by Naughty Dog.

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