The Last of Us TV series, the first episode has a curious reference to Part II

From today, the HBO series on The Last of Us is also available in Italy, resulting in one of the best products for the small screen. Apparently, however, the show would have a clear and profound reference to The Last of Us Part II.

The first season will tell, as you know, the whole story of the first episode (which you can find in the PS5 remake on Amazon), with some important news.

In our review we told you that «with The Last of Us, HBO has brought home the perfect series among those inspired by a video game, without neglecting the fact that even those who have never heard of Joel ed Before now, Ellie will be overwhelmed by a show of rare beauty, which in just nine episodes manages to outline an even richer and more multifaceted story than the one originally told in 2013.”

Now, after the showrunners already revealed their scrapped ideas from the pilot episode, it has now emerged that the series would have a clear reference to the sequel to the game Naughty Dog.

Warning: small spoilers on the series of The Last of Us. Continue at your own risk.

As ​​also reported by Games Radar, the first episode of The Last of Us produced by HBO contains a clear reference to The Last of Us Part II.

The television series only debuted today, January 16, but fans were quick to discover goodies and references to Naughty Dog games.

A hint of the sequel was spotted in the sequence in which Sarah (played by Nico Parker) gives her father Joel (Pedro Pascal) a copy of Curtis and Viper 2 .

The film in question is mentioned by Ellie in The Last of Us Part II: at the beginning of the sequel, when the protagonist and her partner Dina are venturing through the streets of town of Jackson, Ellie invites Joel to see a movie, which is none other than Curtis and Viper 2.

In the game, Ellie points out that Curtis and Viper 2 has been on her radar for quite some time, as the fictional franchise is a favorite of Joel in the 80s, considering his passion for “sweet action movies”.

After all, the second season of the series should follow the events of The Last of Us Part II: waiting for a possible official announcement, some fans have already begun to imagine the new face of Bella Ramsey thanks to a mod.

Staying on the subject, the series that you can now see on Sky and Now TV has already brought home a first record, which is not bad considering the scale of the production.

But that’s not all: the toxic comments of the fans caused serious self-esteem problems for Ramsey, a very good interpreter of the character of Ellie.

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