The Last of Us, Troy Baker would have wanted another actor for Joel

The Last of Us, the HBO TV series, stars Pedro Pascal as Joel. But he is not the actor who would have cast Troy Baker.

The original Joel, which you can find in the recent remake released on next-gen (also on Amazon), and who is also present in the TV series with the role of a secondary character.

Which istremendously different from Joel, so much so that Troy Baker declared that fans will probably hate him when they see him on stage.

The Joel played by Pedro Pascal, who also had an unprecedented moment very exciting to explain his story, but it’s not what Troy Baker had in mind.

As The Gamer reports, the actor and voice actor Troy Baker would have liked to see Josh Brolin as Joel in The Last of Us by HBO.

Given his relationship with Neil Druckmann, Baker has repeatedly had the opportunity to discuss the adaptation of the video game and how it should have played out.

In the period in which the production was about to begin the casting the actor met Josh Brolin , suggesting that he could have been summoned by HBO:

“I’ve met Josh Brolin a handful of times. […] I told him, “There might be a script on your desk, and before you unwrap it, take a look at it, because I really think you would benefit from playing this character, and the character would benefit from being played by you”.

«I think Josh Brolin would have been an excellent choice. I think you look at the character, especially in the game, and you say, “Yes, he’s perfect, 100 percent” », added Troy Baker in his recent statement.

However, when showrunner Craig Mazin broached the possibility of hiring Pedro Pascal, Baker was equally enthusiastic about the choice.

Just as he has shown himself ready to return in the continuation of the videogame saga despite… well despite everything.

Pedro Pascal has also proven himself to interpret a post-apocalyptic version of Mario Kart, in the role of the mustachioed Italian plumber.

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