The Last of Us season 2 will not be afraid to be different from the games

With the first season officially concluded, The Last of Us is preparing to tell the first details of the next ones which, apparently, will take some liberties from video games.

The series inspired by the Naughty Dog title of the same name (you can find it on Amazon) continues to convince audiences around the world in any case, episode after episode.

In fact, the first season has strung together a series of records episode after episode, until its conclusion last week.

Right now HBO and Naughty Dog are already thinking about the next seasons of The Last of Us , and how the original story will be adapted.

And, as PC Gamer reports, it looks like the showrunners will be taking liberties from Naughty Dog’s video games.

Adaptations of this kind actually lend themselves to the risk of being almost a photocopy of the original work. This first season of HBO’s The Last of Us manages to be a good middle ground, but there will be more experimentation in the next ones.

However, many fans have complained about some liberties that HBO has taken, such as the loved/hated episode with Bill and Frank.

Speaking at an online press conference ahead of the debut of the season 1 finale, showrunner Craig Mazin said the production will not change their approach to season 2, which will sometimes deviate from its own game. like the first season:

“Season two will be different just like this season was different from the first game. Sometimes it will be radically different, and sometimes it will be barely different. But it will be different and it will be something of him. It won’t be exactly like the game. It’s going to be the show that Neil and I want to do.”

However, as Neil Druckmann specified, the fact remains that there will be no inventions with respect to the plot, and we will not go beyond what we have seen in video games.

We can therefore expect a very different season from the first, not only for the events narrated and the twists and turns, but also for the presence of many more infected and action scenes.

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