The Last of Us Part II and new skills: here are the specializations

The Last of Us Part II will introduce not only great news in narrative terms, such as a massive dose of ‘calculated’ violence and a new protagonist (as far as Joel will be back in the game) , but also in terms of gameplay.

The game can still count on supplements, which allow you to unlock new skills, but in the new chapter you can choose between different specializations, adapting Ellie’s abilities to your own style.

The Survival section focuses on improving health, the range of the Listening mode and the launch distance.

Creation allows you to perform upgrades, for example adding a smoke effect to stun grenades, and increase the speed of object creation.

Stealth eventually increases crouching movement speed, shortens stealth killing animations and unlocks firearm silencers.

Which specialization will you choose once the DualShock 4 is challenged?


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