The Last of Us Part I on PC has been postponed: here is the new release date

The Last of Us Part I marks the debut of the Naughty Dog saga in the PC world, but players of this platform will have to wait a little more.

The title has already been released on PlayStation 5, of course, with a revised and corrected version of the story of Joel and Ellie that you can find still on Amazon.

The announcement of the PC version came at the end of last year at a time when, while the console version was obvious, it wasn’t so obvious that Naughty Dog would land on PC.

Also because Sony has always denied the arrival of its most famous sagas on PC

strong> over the years, even if today things have gone decidedly differently.

We already knew, of course, that the PlayStation 5 and PC releases of The Last of Us Part I would be far away in time. Today I am a little more.

As ​​announced by the company on Twitter, in fact, the PC version of remake of The Last of Us was postponed by a few weeks:

The title will be available starting from March 28, while it was initially supposed to be released on March 3.

Commenting also the success of The Last of Us on HBO, the TV series that is preparing for an equally record-breaking second season, Naughty Dog explained the reasons for this referral.

«We want to make sure that the debut of The Last of Us Part I on PC is in the best shape possible», declares the development team.

In fact, these weeks will serve to ensure that this version of the game can meet the expectations of PC fans who are waiting to be able to enter this world for the first time.

A bad news for PC players while the fans, on the other hand, can be happy with the fact that the highly anticipated Firefly Edition will also land on our market.

Moreover, the title will be fully compatible with Steam Deck, making it even more attractive.

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