The Last of Us Part I, finally the gameplay: here are the news of the remake

The Last of Us Part I , the PlayStation 5 remake of the great classic, is expected in a couple of days, ready to return to tell the story of Ellie and Joel in a revised and corrected version of their adventure.

The game (which you can also find on Amazon ) is the most anticipated PS5 exclusive of the month of September, although it will also be released on PC over the next few months.

Considering that the game is still targeted by fans all over the world, who also pay homage to it with real works of art, it goes without saying that expectations are quite high.

After confirming that the game’s preload is finally available, Naughty Dog has now released a Official gameplay video showing a specific part of the game.

Warning: spoilers about the plot and the main characters of the game follow. Continue reading and watching the video only if you are aware of it.

As also reported by Game Rant , fans had not been able to see the game’s real-time gameplay , although the new official video fixes the problem, thanks within seven minutes of Joel, Ellie and Bill in the latter’s city.

Captured on PS5, the video shows Joel and Ellie following Bill to the local school in search of a battery to car. Joel seamlessly switches firearms , handcrafted gear to melee weapon, to eliminate the Infected (who have undergone significant changes to their AI compared to original version).

The trailer ends with a showdown against one of the fearsome Bloaters , although the trio seem to be able to solve the problem rather quickly.

Staying on the subject, also in these hours the developers have decided to publish a new trailer to show the public more closely all the news .

After all, Naughty Dog had in fact decided to publish several trailers and in-depth posts, after having already revealed the numerous accessibility options,

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