The Last of Us, one player has (really) tried to change the ending

The original The Last of Us is certainly a very important title, one of the most incisive among those available on PlayStation platforms.

Ellie and Joel’s adventure is in fact a memorable experience, able to thrill with a plot and characters that are truly out of scale.

Among other things, the franchise will also become an HBO TV series, which promises to be quite faithful to the original work, hoping there are no surprises.

On Gameshift we also published just a few weeks ago the 10 curiosities you may not have known about the Naughty Dog game, many of them very special.

Warning: spoilers about the plot and the ending of Ellie and Joel’s adventure follow. Continue at your own risk.

One of the most incisive and important moments of The Last of Us is definitely the final part: we see Joel and Ellie arrive in Salt Lake City but the girl comes soon kidnapped by a light patrol.

The idea is that Ellie is being prepared for surgery in the hope of producing a vaccine : the Lights have to remove the infected portion of the girl’s brain , causing it but death.

Joel, determined not to let his “adopted daughter” die, reaches the operating room, kills the surgeon (himself Abby’s father seen in Part II ) and takes the still sedated Ellie outside. from the property.

Now, via Reddit, a player has tried to be “merciful” to the doctor in charge of operating Ellie: Joel tries to shoot the victim in the leg, hoping to save his life.

Below, the video that proves this:

But I didn’t mean to … I’m not a monster from thelastofus

Unfortunately, despite the good intentions, after the gunshot the surgeon falls to the ground dead in any case, showing that unfortunately there is no way to make the story go off its rails .

In all likelihood, if there had been a way to save the doctor, the entire plot of The Last of Us Part II could not have taken place, which would be a paradox not just.

Moreover, even a possible The Last of Us Part III will be based on that particular event, although some fans have already begun to fantasize about the story of the third episode.

It is also true that the multiplayer dedicated to The Last of Us Part II is on the way, which will surely deceive the wait in a substantial way.

Finally, did you also see that someone noticed that the first TLOU seems to have a serious problem with the stealth phases in the game?

If you want to find out how Ellie and Joel’s story progresses, don’t miss Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us Part II , at a great price on Amazon.

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