The Last of Us has to “thank” Game of Thrones, in a way

The HBO series on The Last of Us has been available for a few days, also in Italy, although at apparently the show owes a lot to another great TV classic, namely Game of Thrones.

The first season tells, as even stones know, the complete story seen in the first episode (which you can find in the PS5 remake on Amazon), with some surprises that do not go unnoticed.

In our review, we explained to you that «with The Last of Us, HBO has brought home the perfect series among those inspired by a video game, without neglecting the fact that even those who have never heard of Before now, Joel and Ellie will be overwhelmed by a show of rare beauty, which in just nine episodes manages to outline an even richer and more multifaceted story than the one originally told in 2013.”

Now, between one Easter Egg and another, the stars of the series Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey revealed how Game of Thrones helped to make the new show.

Pascal and Ramsey, protagonists of The Last of Us, told how their work in Game of Thrones helped them in the latest successful series of HBO.

Both actors played scene-stealing roles in Game of Thrones fantasy series , with Pascal as the charismatic Oberyn Martell and Ramsey as the tenacious Lyanna Mormont, even though they never actually shared the screen in the show.

“It seemed to me as if we came from the same family, without knowing each other,”, Pascal told Entertainment Weekly. “Having two characters that fans like come in and out is a parallel for both of them and kind of a bond before we even get a chance to actualize it. So, yes, I’m grateful“.

Ramsey, whose first professional acting job was on Game of Thrones , credits the show for her career . “I don’t think I’d be an actress if it weren’t for Game of Thrones, since I never set out to be one, although I did,”, she said.

«I wouldn’t have wanted to do otherwise. So she also prepared me for The Last of Us and all my other projects, in a way that I don’t think anything else has managed to do ».

Recently, the actress has also had the opportunity to talk about her performance as Ellie, admitting that she felt close to herself as a character right away and choosing to challenge the criticisms received from part of the public.

Staying on the subject, a mod shows us how Ellie would be in The Last of Us Part II with Bella Ramsey’s face: seeing is believing.

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