The Last of Us, discovered an Easter Egg that will break your heart

Before the direct sequel, T he Last of Us is one of the most important games of the PS3 generation , capable of giving life to one of the most important PlayStation franchises ever.

Ellie and Joel’s first adventure is in fact a scoring experience, thanks to a unique and tremendously realistic (within limits, of course) plot and characters.

That’s not to mention that director Neil Druckmann may have finally hinted at the company’s next title, coming to PS5 consoles in the next few years.

One of the most moving characters of the first chapter is undoubtedly Sarah , the daughter of protagonist Joel Miller, who plays a much more important role than one might think.

Warning: spoilers about the plot and characters of the Naughty Dog game follow. Proceed at your own risk.

Now, a fan on Reddit has found a rather poignant and heartbreaking Easter Egg centered around young Sarah, the little girl we see losing her life after being hit by a soldier in the game’s prologue.

Also in the first part of TLOU , a fan found a diary with a happy birthday message written by the little girl, a series of phrases towards her father really heartbreaking (in hindsight).

My 4th or 5th playthrough and this is the first time I notice this. from thelastofus

You’re not a fossil (not yet)! Happy birthday

Dear dad, let’s see … you’re never there, you hate the music I like, you basically despise the movies I like, yet somehow you still manage to be the best dad every year, but how do you do it?

Happy birthday dad! Sarah

You also read that someone has brought to the attention of the community an interesting comparison that compares the protagonists of Part I with those of Part II .

Also, again to shed a little more tears, someone recently published the concept art of one of the most dramatic sequences of The Last of Us Part II .

If you want to find out how Ellie and Joel’s story progresses, check out Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us Part II , at a great price on Amazon.

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