The Last of Us clone is back, with a nonsensical trailer

We’ve seen it all in the gaming world with regards to the way new titles are promoted, but the new trailer for The Day Before (also known as “ the clone of The Last of Us” on the web) surpasses them all. Or at least many.

The clone of The Last of Us, which has always shown a great resemblance to the exclusive PlayStation (find Part I on Amazon), has been the focus of some mysteries and rumors in recent months.

At a certain point, even the development team staff doubted the existence of The Day Before , to the point that it was also called “the new Abandoned”.

And even after the last ten minute gameplay video things didn’t move, because The Day Before has disappeared again. Until today, at least, with a trailer that we’ll leave you to judge for yourself.

Because what can rekindle the hype for a disappeared game, accused of being a clone, if not a nice trailer in which a post-apocalyptic spa is shown?

A few hours ago, Russian developer Fntastic invited fans to check out the game release of a “post-apocalyptic Spa”. In the short new video, we can see the player character entering a hot sauna, which is described like this:

The pleasantly warm water in the sauna and the refreshing hot steam floating in the air contribute to recovery, increased stamina and complete relaxation of body and soul.

After about twenty seconds, the game sends a warning that the player character’s stamina has been increased, presumably for a temporary period of time.

This is how the development team believes to 1) convince us that the game exists and 2) reignite interest in the game itself. We don’t know what to add.

At this point we just have to see what will happen when this open-world MMO finally comes out. The release date is now set for November 10, the day when we will find out if this game is really a scam or not.

So much so that there are also official requirements: seeing is believing.

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