The Joy-Con Drift exists, but no one can prove it in court

Nintendo Switch has been a very successful console with at least one big, unsolvable problem: the Joy-Con Drift.\r\nThe Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are little high-tech discoveries, but they have been ruined since day one by annoying drifting problem. A problem that has also arisen again with the OLED model of the console, which you can find on Amazon, and which does not have a definitive solution.\r\nFrom 2017 to today there have been many testimonies of pairs of controllers in which the analogue ones have stopped working correctly, sometimes even after a very short time from the first use, and as a result many users simply did not want to accept it.\r\nThere have been many lawsuits that consumers have filed against Nintendo, accusing the company of knowingly sell defective and no support to the end customer. Nintendo has also promised, over time, the repair of the Joy-Con without limits, effectively admitting the problem present in the hardware.\r\nHowever, it is incredible that the legal cases continue to not end in favor of consumers, as reported by VGC in a new case.\r\nToday, in fact, two important lawsuits on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift have been dismissed in US courts.\r\nThe Diaz cases against Nintendo and Carbajal against Nintendo, presented in 2019 and in 2020, both were rejected. The lawsuits alleged that Nintendo knowingly sold defective controllers, and apparently both Nintendo and the parents who sued on behalf of their children have asked for the case to be dismissed.\r\nThe story of the Joy-Con Drift continues to be filled with gray scales, despite the many colors in which they were sold.\r\nSome time ago a very interesting story emerged from Nintendo’s assistance centers, which speak of real nightmare scenarios in trying to satisfy all requests for technical support towards players.\r\nWe hope that Nintendo Switch 2 can solve the problem of faulty Joy-Cons once and for all, also thanks to a patent that apparently will involve magnetic attachments for the controllers.

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