The ideal way to see Tenet? Obviously on the Game Boy Advance

The film Tenet by Cristopher Nolan is tied to a double knot in the gaming world.

Before the release of the film, in fact, a preview trailer was broadcast in absolute exclusive on Fortnite , testifying how video games are now part of mainstream pop culture .

The title of Epic Games, however, also hosted the screening of an entire Nolan film, becoming a real cinematic showcase .

This real growth path of Fortnite has led the game to also deal with delicate and absolutely topical issues , such as the route against racism.

Therefore, if the name of Fortnite is now separated from that of Tenet , some users have decided to project the film again on a videogame screen . This time, however, the choice fell on a console.

Users of the ResetEra forum report that user Wulff Den showed on Youtube his transformation of Nolan’s film into a cartridge for Game Boy Advance .

The idea was born as a provocation aimed at Nolan , who in the midst of the pandemic had invited viewers to go to the cinema because his film deserved to be seen on the big screen.

Beyond the provocative intent, the final result is really interesting , and it shows us how once again the ingenuity of users can give us pearls that we never imagined seeing.

As Tenet lands on the old Game Boy Advance, Fortnite is preparing for a small, big revolution , introducing a single-player mode in its ecosystem.

If you are interested in trying Fortnite , we remind you that the game is available for free on all current generation platforms, even in physical version.

If you are a fan of Fortnite , we recommend that you keep an eye on this special edition available at a discounted price.

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