The hype for Starfield is skyrocketing: fan creates the musical anthem of the game

Starfield is coming in small steps, and precisely this is deteriorating the patience of the fans who, in the meantime, sing it and play it.

The title, also arriving on Xbox Game Pass (the subscription service you can find on Amazon at a really low price), is probably one of the most anticipated video games of the year.

Fortunately, a few weeks ago, at least we were able to mark on the calendar the official release date of Bethesda production.

In a release calendar that was obviously influenced by Starfield, which brought about a great mess that we tried to clarify in our in-depth analysis.

It shouldn’t be easy to be in the role of a Bethesda fan , like the one told by PCGamesN who wanted to declare his love for her towards the company.

With a focus on Starfield, the publisher’s next weight release. There would also be The Elder Scrolls VI, but we are not yet in the right geological era.

His name is JimmyAllGood, at least his YouTube channel is called that, and he composed “No Man’s Skyrim”, a true love letter to Starfield.

The song tells the singer-songwriter’s personal story with everything related to Bethesda, from Daggerfall to the hype for “the Skyrim in space.”

In his touch even Fallout 3, the author declares himself in love with all that is beautiful in Bethesda products, including the legendary bugs which, in for better or for worse, they are a trademark.

Which, according to the singer, are already ready for Starfield because in the verse he sings: “No Man’s Sky with Fallout vibes /seems a little outlandish, but that’s okay/modders can fix it all in time”.

Who knows that a real compilation will come out between now and September, when the sci-fi title will finally make its debut. Together, we hope, also with the beautiful custom pad that recently emerged from a leak.

The title will also clash internally with Redfall, or perhaps it is better to say the opposite. However, Arkane doesn’t seem concerned about the fight.

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