The God Wars team negotiates to develop a game on PS5

The president of Kadokawa Games has revealed that he is in talks for the development of a game on PS5.

Specifically, Yoshimi Yasuda has explained that the team affected by the conversations now underway is that of God Wars , a well-known strategy series available on Sony consoles and on PC.

Negotiations are still ongoing, the president of the Tokyo company specified, so it will certainly not be a product available at the launch of PlayStation 5 in 2020.

It is not clear if these negotiations have been started with an external publisher or with Sony itself to discuss some type of exclusivity, but it is clear that we are still in an embryonic phase of the works.

At this stage, the PS5 dev kits were delivered to a lot of development studies around the world but only one game has already been officially confirmed and it is Godfall, from the creators of Duelyst.

Recently, we also told you about a leak or supposed one about a version for the next-gen console of the battle royale Knives Out.


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