The God of War Ragnarok map is full of secrets (and someone has revealed them)

Yesterday, after months of speculation and more, the release date was finally announced God of War Ragnarok .

The sequel to the masterpiece released on PS4 and PC, and which you can find on Amazon at a very low price, is one of the most anticipated titles by owners of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

After the very serious case of harassing the developers of Santa Monica Studio , it is therefore time to turn the page.

The new adventure of Kratos and Atreus will actually keep the promise of the release no later than 2022, complete with special editions, which would now reveal a key detail of the game .

Warning: from now on there may be some spoilers about the game, although at the moment these may only be hypotheses.

In any case, continue reading at your own risk.

As also reported by GamesRadar , the realms of the upcoming God of War have been shown together for the first time thanks to map present in one of the special editions of Ragnarok .

As reported in the post of the God of War subreddit that you find below, in the so-called Jotnar Edition (presented yesterday along with the release date announcement) there is a special map of all nine realms .

This is the first time we’ve seen all nine realms of the Sony Santa Monica series, side by side , giving us an exact idea of ​​the huge game world we’re going to explore.

The first look at all 9 realms, from the cloth map in the Jotnar edition from GodofWar

Indeed, some interesting details can be glimpsed in the new map: for example, there appears to be a mysterious figure standing in the depiction of Muspelheim , which some God of War fans speculate to be Surtur , fire demon.

Furthermore, we can see what appears to be Asgard , a place that mighty Thor calls home. In this representation of Asgard it is possible to see what it looks like the Bifrost at work, piercing the sky like a huge ray.

The map also seems to contain Nidhogg : in the small compass, harnessed in the roots of the World Tree, you can see a moving snake, a being that could make the World Serpent pale of the previous chapter.

There are many other clues in this map and it won’t be long before we can uncover them one by one: God of War Ragnarok will however launch on November 9th this year and will finally bring at the conclusion of the journey of Kratos and Atreus against the Norse gods.

Staying on topic, players can now also start choosing which version of God of War Ragnarok they’ll take home, as PlayStation has unveiled all the collector’s editions.

Finally, if you want to know all about the characters, release and plot of the Santa Monica game, catch up on our very rich freshly released recap.

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