The glorious Xbox 360 controller is making a comeback, to the delight of nostalgics

If Xbox Series X|S has never gone down, and deep down you still hope to be able to play somehow with your trusty Xbox 360 controller , there is good news.

Nothing wrong with the pad of the latest generation of Xbox which, even in its third party versions (including some beautiful ones on Amazon), makes a great impression.

Also because Xbox 360 was kept alive until a few months ago, after 15 years, with new firmware updates for the console.

If you are among the nostalgics who just couldn’t pass over the most glorious generation, or at least one of the Xbox, so much so that you would also buy shoes made like the console, get ready.

The Xbox 360 controller is making a comeback, in a new version and compatible with today’s Xbox and PC.

As ​​reported by The Verge, the company Hyperkin is working on a new version of the pad that will be sold under the original Microsoft license.

The Xenon controller, named after the Xbox 360’s first internal development codename, brings back the 17-year-old design and modernizes things with Menu, View, and Share buttons, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and a detachable USB-C cable.

In addition to the original white, for a direct dive into 2005, Xenon will be available in black, pink and red.

Prices and availability have not yet been announced, but if we think of the $70 remake of the Duke controller by Hyperkin, also in this case we could be faced with a similar price.

In short, the perfect controller to recall the glories of Xbox 360. Glorious moments that Xbox Series X|S managed to overcome, but it must be said with extreme effort.

Speaking of the Xbox, one of the current generation models is currently fixed at a price that is in fact less than the Nintendo Switch: here are the details.

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