The free games you can play today to start 2022

January 1st is a moment of relaxation in which to enjoy some time with loved ones to start the year. But it’s also the moment when, before returning to the routine of that big thirty-day Monday in January, you can peacefully play some new video game.

If you are one of these but do not currently have a budget to allocate to the purchase of new video games, let’s see what are the free games that you can have exactly now , on the different platforms.

If you are looking for a list of free-to-play , you can find it in this other dedicated article. To find your way around the different clients that offer free games, instead, the reference page is this.

Here we see, finally, games temporarily free, but which you can redeem and keep with you without time limits.

Epic Games Store (PC)

The Tomb Raider reboot trilogy is available on the Epic Games Store from December 30th, which you can redeem for free until January 6th . Once redeemed, the three games will appear in your library as if you had purchased them, so you won’t have a time limit to play them.

We are talking specifically about:

  • Tomb Raider (2013)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015)
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018)

You can proceed to redeem them directly at the links below:

  • Get Tomb Raider
  • for free

  • Get Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • for free

  • Get Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • for free

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018)

PlayStation Store (PS4, PS5)

Right now, PlayStation Store offers you the opportunity to have a small game dedicated to owners of PlayStation VR completely free, without any subscription – which will remain available without disbursements until January 13 .

We are talking about the title Pirate Flight , in which, as the title suggests, you will find yourself fluttering in the shoes of a pirate, because simply sailing the seas is no longer fashionable. You can redeem the game for free directly at the link below:

  • PlayStation Store – Get Pirate Flight
  • for free

Games With Gold (Xbox)

If you have an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold, the new free games included in your subscription have been introduced since January 1st – so you don’t have to spend a single dollar to get something. new to play.

In this case, from January 1st to 15th you can get:

  • NeuroVoider , RPG shooter with roguelike elements;
  • Radiant Silvergun , a shoot’em up with a lot of … sword!

Amazon Prime Gaming (PC)

If you have a subscription to Amazon Prime – the same one you use for Prime Video or Prime shipping to the retailer – you can redeem the games offered for free that are included in the amount. Until January 3rd you can then redeem and make yours:

  • Journey to the Savage Planet
  • Morkredd
  • Frostpunk
  • Spellcaster University
  • Youtubers Life
  • Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
  • Tales of Monkey Island

You can view and redeem the games on this page, and as of January 4th they should be replaced by these.

Have fun and have a good game on January 1st!

If you want to spend a little on video games, you could consider a discount on Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to hundreds of games on PC, Xbox and in the cloud for just over 10 euros.

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