The Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy will never arrive on Xbox, it seems

PlayStation is trying to expand many of its exclusives to other platforms as well, particularly the PC one, but the remake trilogy of Final Fantasy VII will forever remain exclusive at least on consoles.\r\nThis is what we take from a recent article from Washington Post, in which it emerges that PlayStation has managed to secure the exclusivity of the games that Square Enix has developed and will apparently develop in the trilogy that recalls the historic JRPG of 1997.\r\nTo the microphones of the prestigious newspaper, the vice president of PlayStation’s second- and third-party content initiatives, Christian Svensson, explained that securing the Final Fantasy VII trilogy as a console exclusive is a feather in PlayStation’s cap. It’s part of recognizing the importance of the original game as a defining game to the PlayStation experience, and for that very reason it won’t be coming to other consoles.\r\n«At the time of the same console generation as the original PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment had few franchises of its own, and to find its place in a very competitive video game industry, we sought to win the hearts and minds of major third-party manufacturers like Square,” Svennson said.\r\nSvennson said that Console exclusivity was desired by both parties when the project was started\

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