The Fallout TV series ending isn’t what it seems, according to fans

\r\nThis story contains spoilers and relevant plot details from Prime Video’s Fallout TV series. Continue reading at your own risk if you have not completed watching the episodes.\r\n\r\nNow that Prime Video’s Fallout TV series has been out for a few days, there are more and more people who have completed the viewing of the episodes, up to the grand finale which dropped a real bomb in narrative terms.\r\nAll fans of the world of Fallout (which you can discover with the video games on Amazon) have in fact received an answer to the question that is basis of the very existence of the world: who dropped the atomic bomb?\r\nThe TV series is in fact relevant to the official canon of the Bethesda saga, therefore what is told within the Prime Video show is coherent and integrated with all the Fallout video games.\r\nIn the eighth episode which concludes the first season, we discover that it was Vault-Tec that dropped the atomic bomb, thus generating the situation in which all the corporations would have profited from the start of the project of the Vaults and related economic consequences.\r\nHowever there are some details that don’t add up, and according to a very well elaborated theory (via The Gamer) perhaps the Prime Video show is playing a shell game, misleading fans with a false information.\r\nAccording to the fan’s analysis found on Reddit, it was China that bombed the United States first so as to avoid a total defeat in the war. A move that would have caught Vault-Tec by surprise, and which would explain Cooper Howard (the Ghoul) has custody of his and Barb’s daughter when the first bomb is dropped. If Vault-Tec had orchestrated everything, Barb would have made sure she had their daughter that day. It’s possible that Cooper has also been informed since he snooped into the Vault-Tec meeting, but he’s clearly caught by surprise when the war begins.\r\nThere’s also another inconsistency, according to the author of the theory, which connects to Fallout: New Vegas which will be central at this point in the second season (also for the final scene).\r\nMr. House in New Vegas says he predicted when the bombs would fall, but missed the prediction by 20 hours. This could be proof that China dropped the bombs a few hours before Vault-Tec decided to do so, so as to create havoc in the corporation’s plans.\r\nObviously all this can be confirmed or denied in the second season, already confirmed from Amazon, where we will certainly see the story unfold.

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