The developers of Half-Life Alyx are hoping to make another episode in the future

We know that March will be the month of Half-Life Alyx and the hope of the game’s developers is that this episode may not be the last of the famous saga. Robin Walker, one of Valve’s developers, talked about it to the microphones of the colleagues of the magazine Game Informer .

According to Walker, “Half-Life means a lot to us, it was really rewarding to get to know his characters, his scenarios, his mechanics.” For all these reasons, the authors hope that Valve will decide in the future to launch further releases, beyond Alyx , which will allow its teams to continue to dedicate themselves to the Half-Life universe.

«There are members of the Alyx development team who have been with Valve since Half-Life 2, and some since the first Half-Life. There are others for which Alyx is their first experience working on the series and everyone hopes that it may not be the last. We would love to be able to say that Alyx is a return to this world, and not its end. »

We will see in the future if Valve decides to satisfy the wishes of its members of the development team, also thanks to the great impact that the Half-Life brand always has on the public .

Source: GameInformer | VIA: VGC

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