The Dark Pictures Anthology will have eight games, Man of Medan is just the beginning

Speaking to IGN US microphones, CEO Pete Samuels revealed that Supermassive Games aims to launch eight titles as part of The Dark Pictures Anthology .

The first chapter is how we know the expected Man of Medan, whose multiplayer modes we could try to preview in an event reserved for the press.

“We have a bow in mind covering eight games,” explained Samuels, adding that the figure of the Curator is the only one that will be presented in each chapter.

“Everything else, from a perspective of history and characters, we want to be a surprise. We want to surprise people every time, when we announce the second game we want it to be the last thing people would think of “.

The CEO of the Until Dawn company added that the goal is to get to two exits a year, a goal that is already being worked on, as along with Man of Medan the other horror series projects are already in the pipeline .


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