The creator of Fallout on the TV series: «Not everything is perfect»

Television and film adaptations of video games are always dangerous operations but, according to the words of Tim Cain, one of the creators of Bethesda’s video game saga, Prime Video’s Fallout TV series managed to hit the spot perfectly.\r\n “Not everything is perfect,” said Tim Cain, speaking in particular of the series’ relevance to video games. In the first days after the release of the series on Prime Video, Cain had already enjoyed having his say and, in particular, hunting for the most absurd Easter eggs, even improvised at times.\r\nAfter completing the viewing of the episodes, Cain was definitely enthusiastic (via PC Gamer):\r\n\r\n«Not everything will be just like in the games, because guess what? This isn’t a game – it’s a TV show! But it seems right, and that’s what I liked.”\r\n\r\nMany people in general are liking the series, to the point that Amazon has already decided to confirm a second season of Fallout, and so has Tim Cain. he found it very successful.\r\n”One thing I loved so much about this show is that there was a lot of information about the lore,” Cain said. The creator of Fallout says he enjoyed hunting for references about the game world, to the point of even watching the classic videos of content creators who try to collect all the references.\r\nAnother thing that Cain promotes is the writing, in particular the fact that there are no more and more explanations, but that the world is told in the environment and in natural dialogues.\r\nAlso talking about the relevance of the series with video games, the much loved and hated \

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