The cancellation of P.T. it still hurts the fans

As many gamers will know, there is nothing worse than a cancellation. Especially when we had the chance to try that game, as in the case of P.T. and the Silent Hills project.\r\nThe never-before-seen chapter of the Konami franchise (which you can purchase on Amazon in an excellent compilation) has become a cult, although its fate seems sealed.\r\nWhile we will never have P.T., we will have however, a remake of Silent Hill 2 will be coming soon, hopefully it’s worth it.\r\nDeveloped by Kojima and his team for Konami, P.T. was the victim of the divorce between Hideo and the Japanese publisher, so much so that the final game was cancelled.\r\n\r\nIn a discussion on Reddit, P.T./Silent Hills received the highest number of upvotes and became the first answer to the question: «Which canceled game was the most devastating?».\r\nSifting through the other answers we find many other missed opportunities: «I still haven’t forgotten Starcraft: Ghost» says a fan.\r\nAnother user mentioned Scalebound: «The cancellation of Scalebound hit me hard. It looked like such a promising dragon action RPG and I was looking forward to its release.”\r\nSome mention Mega Man saying, “For me, in the long run, Mega Man Legends 3.” However, P.T. it is always and in any case the project about which the fans have the most regrets.\r\nIt is also true that it is better for them to put their souls at rest, given that Kojima has no intention of returning to work on the title in question (although a horror film directed by the father of Metal Gear Solid is still in the works).\r\nSticking on the topic, some time ago a modder managed to run P.T. on a PS5 without modifications, for a really not bad result.\r\nBut not only that: an in-engine teaser trailer was also released for a new horror game made in Unreal Engine 5 and inspired by P.T..

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