The Callisto Protocol will be treated as a service game, with lots of DLCs

The Callisto Protocol is one of the most anticipated titles among the upcoming projects, also and above all because of the legacy it brings with it, and it will probably make a lot of company to the players.

The title is, as you know, a spiritual sequel of Dead Space (you can already order it on Amazon) and it certainly won’t be less violent than its illustrious ancestor.

Even the simple achievement collection will be an experience not for faint hearts, because there is one that will force you to see all the deaths.

An experience so brutal it won’t be for everyone , given the care with which the developers created the most gruesome scenes in the game.

While we wait for the survival horror from the creator of Dead Space to make its debut, the first information about it begins to emerge.

A few days ago we discovered that The Callisto Protocol will be a less solitary experience than usual, because you will be accompanied by a follower.

Today, however, the development team is unbuttoning the support that will be provided to the game, which will be much more substantial than expected.

As Dualshockers reports, in fact, four years of DLC to support the game have already been planned.

This was revealed by CTO of Striking Distance Studios, Mark James , who specified that after the release of The Callisto Protocol there will be four years of content, with related Paid DLC of course:

« We consider it a full service game and will invest in DLC. We are looking forward to four years of support after release. […] We have left the expandable world. We have created a world that can tell different stories and so we can tell those stories through DLC, or we could actually tell those stories through later products. “

The DLC in question, adds James, may include other game modes, and others may be inspired by other survival horror games as well.

The title was recently shown at Gamescom 2022 , revealing additional gameplay elements of the survival horror.

In the meantime, there has been talk of the fact that can arrive for free on Xbox Game Pass , a rumor for which a prompt response has arrived.

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