The Callisto Protocol, director talks about the problems: “blame the haste”

The Callisto Protocol had to face many problems, on some versions of the game, which inevitably undermined its exposure.

The console versions, like the PlayStation 5 that you find on Amazon, are slightly better and unlike the PC one they don’t suffer excessively from problems.

Which, in any case, has recently received a patch that should lead to a resolution of a part of its problems of a technical nature.

A situation that has resulted in an inevitable, unfortunately, review bombing by users who wanted have their say on the final outcome of the game.

But is it possible to know the cause of these problems? Apparently yes, and it is none other than Glen Schofield talking about it (as reported by IGN US).

In particular with regard to PC stuttering problems, which also occur on very high configurations, which the CEO By Striking Distance Studios he called it a matter of “hurry”.

In a series of exchanges on Twitter, Schofield responded to some users who spoke about the aforementioned problems.

The problems with The Callisto Protocol are the result of a “material error”, given that the wrong game file was corrected at launch, and the error occurred because someone was in a hurry to close the project:

“I’ll find out how it happened, but right now my focus is shifting. All of our energy is on this. In the end, I am responsible and reliable.”

In the meantime, the title has also been heavily updated on consoles, leading to the resolution of various problems that had appeared on these versions.

Meanwhile the classic demake was not missing either, which among other things also requires a less powerful configuration, of The Callisto Protocol which has transformed in a PS1 title.

In our review we also explained to you that The Callisto Protocol «doesn’t betray expectations and proves to be a horror film of the highest quality. Despite being derivative and very conservative, it proves to have a solid and satisfying combat system, a technical sector that is finally in step with the times and everything that such a title should have to satisfy the most demanding enthusiasts.”

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