Tekken 8, the free trial officially confirmed: “Wait for the beta”

Soon players will have the opportunity to preview Tekken 8 for free, in view of the official release: to give the official announcement it was directly Katsuhiro Harada on his social profiles, confirming that a beta will be available.

The sequel to the seventh chapter (find Tekken 7 bundled with SoulCalibur VI on Amazon) promises to be a true next-gen revolution for the fighting game saga, inevitably attracting the curiosity of fans who will soon be able to experience themselves with the new game mechanics.

After confirming the arrival of cross-play and rollback, the famous author explains that currently Tekken 8 is already being tested by some selected creators, but the limited version available is only one closed alpha version.

Katsuhiro Harada therefore takes the opportunity to invite fans to «wait for the beta» of Tekken 8, effectively confirming that a free trial will soon be available to all fans in the coming weeks (via GamingBolt).

Unfortunately, the director clearly could not confirm an official release date for the beta version, but the fighting game will follow the same path proposed by other franchises of the genre, thus offering both the possibility of preview the game and have the opportunity to test the servers, so you’re ready for the official day one.

The director then took the opportunity to also clarify the PC requirements, anticipating that although there is still nothing definitive, they could prove to be particularly heavy.

Harada has in fact invited all fans who are not sure they own a computer up to think directly about buying the console edition: Tekken 8 could therefore prove to be a particularly demanding fighting game for older PCs.

The eighth chapter of the saga will try to reward more aggressive gameplay than in the past: Harada wanted to compare the Tekken franchise to the Dark Souls series >, emphasizing that fighting games continue to entertain even after having suffered resounding defeats.

Recall that Tekken 8 will resume the events narrated in the story of the seventh chapter, including the fate of the legendary Heihachi: an ending that surprised the community so much that it even pushed Harada himself and the developers not wanting to believe it.

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