Syphon Filter turns 21 today

Syphon Filter is the third person shooter developed by Eidetic and published by 989 Studio for the first 32-bit PlayStation.

The game was released in the United States on February 17, 1999 , thus turning 21 today since its release on the shelves. The soundtrack is edited by Chuck Doud.

Just below, the official post of the developers of Bend Studio (also authors of the recent Days Gone released on PS4):

From 20 September 2007, the game can also be downloaded on PlayStation 3 and PSP (via PlayStation Network). Over the years, the title received more or less deserving attention, namely Syphon Filter 2, Syphon Filter 3, Syphon Filter: Omega Strain, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and finally Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow.

Did you play it at the time or do you miss it? Let us know in the comments!

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