Switch OLED is not Switch Pro, and fans take it out on the press

Nintendo has finally decided to announce today its new console but this, surprisingly, is not the Switch Pro.

The decision to propose a revision considered light Nintendo Switch has given rise to reactions full of hatred towards the press.

Journalists would in fact be guilty of having reported rumors about rumors related to Switch Pro, when in reality the console unveiled today is very different from what was theorized.

This is regardless of the fact that most of those rumors, such as those about the ad hoc revised stand and the LAN port, turned out to be correct.

Speaking to The Verge , a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed that the newly announced model «doesn’t have a new CPU, or more RAM , compared to previous Nintendo Switch models ».

Which means that, in fact, Switch (OLED model) is not the expected Switch Pro, which was suggested would increase, among other things, the power of the system, reducing the gap with next-gen consoles .

The issue has given rise to numerous controversies both around the world and in Italy regarding the opportunity or not to report the rumors , the majority of which (those of which we mainly dealt with, incidentally) came from very authoritative sources.

Gary Whitta , writer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story active in the gaming scene, has become the spokesperson for fans angry at the “misunderstanding” between Switch OLED and the elusive Switch Pro.

According to Whitta, players shouldn’t be mad at Nintendo, but at “internet bullshitters” who publish rumors and baseless speculations for your click.

The answer was Wesley Yin-Poole, of Eurogamer.net , explaining that «I feel a little uncomfortable with people who encourage their followers to attack journalists for reporting plans that may have been accurate at the time but have changed “.

Yin-Poole acknowledges that «gaming journalism certainly has problems. That’s not the answer » , though.

Of the same tenor is the comment by Andy Robinson, of VGC , who published a «reminder that when reporters cover unannounced information they are always subject changes , even more so in a pandemic, so don’t overdo the sources of the reports on ‘Pro’ “.

Robinson adds that Nintendo is known for slipping announcements on more than one occasion after they were leaked, so a proper Pro version of the Switch wouldn’t be discarded yet.

Initial rumors were about a presentation shortly before E3 2021, so that third parties would unveil their games for the new console.

The Big N herself had commented on the existence or otherwise of this platform, beginning to sense the expectations of fans.

However, Nintendo has made it clear why such an announcement did not happen in that window, as well as admitting that it is always working on new hardware.

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