Surprise Xbox on Sony: “PlayStation exclusives are better quality”

The fight between PlayStation and Xbox for control of the Activision brand is generating truly surreal situations, which now concern exclusives.

After the attempted acquisition of the Call of Duty publisher, with Modern Warfare 2 always available on Amazon at the best price, the tech world went wild against Microsoft.

On closer inspection, obviously, because it is in any case a imposing maneuver that must be analyzed properly, or rather how the regulatory bodies are doing.

And while PlayStation has on more than one occasion tried to block the maneuver, or at least slow it down heavily, now Xbox counterattacks… with sportiness.

In the eternal console war that has unfortunately always characterized the gaming world Xbox and PlayStation have given them exclusives.

But now the Redmond giant declares, with extreme sportiness, that the Japanese rival has the best titles exclusively.

As Kotaku reports, in its latest written response sent to the British group Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Microsoft obviously talks about its maneuver to acquire Activision Blizzard.

But, with a certain surprise, he declares in the document (you can find it in its entirety at this address) that even if he obtained the total exclusivity of Call of Duty , he would not be able capable of actively harming Sony or Nintendo.

As part of this argument, Microsoft admits that PlayStation has the best exclusives, in an exhibition of excessive fair play even for the already sporty Redmond company.

In a section of the mentioned document, 3.67, there is a title that does not allow too many interpretations: «Sony has more exclusive games than Microsoft, many of which are of better quality ».

“Both exclusive first party games from Sony and those from Nintendo are among the best-selling in Europe and worldwide”, Microsoft begins in the section in question, continuing:

“Sony’s current exclusive content includes major first-party titles such as The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and Spider-Man. In addition to having outright exclusive content, Sony has also entered into agreements with third-party publishers that require Xbox to be excluded from the set of platforms on which these publishers can distribute their games.”

A question and answer, the one between Sony and Microsoft, which is heating up in these hours and which will certainly bring new notable information.

Just a few hours ago the PlayStation company had harshly attacked Xbox, with words that we have rarely heard.

Sony comes out the winner with its exclusives, two of which would even change the fate of the entire brand.

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