Super Mario Bros the Movie, the new trailer has an easter egg in the real world

Super Mario Bros the Movie is preparing for its release and new posters and trailers are multiplying, including the last one which also has a stroke of genius in real life.

The most famous plumber in video games (and perhaps in the world) who has invaded pop culture with lots of gadgets, including the candies you find on Amazon, will also return to the cinema.

With a cast of not indifferent actors like Anya Taylor-Joy who will play Peach, a role that changed her life even if in a small part.

And waiting to find out what the complete cast of the film will be, which hides at least one other character, Illumination has released a new trailer.

A trailer that, as you can see, is simply brilliant. As well as nostalgic, since it openly quotes the the theme song of the 1989 Super Mario Super Show, with its jingle.

The fake advertisement of the fake plumbers of a fake New York in a world real within the world of Nintendo, however, has a counterpart in the real world.

The phone number that you see superimposed at the end, and the website, are real.

In a remarkable disruptive marketing maneuver, Nintendo and Illumination have created the fictitious Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website, which in the fiction of the film will apparently be a company real.

You can reach him at this address and, as you can see, the site is built as if it were real but with a hint of obvious humour.

The telephone number is working, calling (only from the USA unfortunately) Luigi’s recorded voice answers inviting him to call back later because the plumbers are busy. By texting, Game Informer colleagues received an unreleased movie poster featuring Toad, for example.

Nintendo is preparing for its arrival in cinemas in style, therefore, and who knows what will happen if the rumored Zelda film is confirmed.

Among the many video game films there is also one that will certainly be different from the usual: Tetris.

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