Suicide Squad has already “killed” Rocksteady’s Superman, apparently

Rocksteady is about to return with the much talked about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League which, as the name suggests, will see the DC Comics anti-heroes face the titular Justice League in a no-holds-barred clash (or at least we imagine so).\ r\nAmong these also Superman who, in the past, has been linked to Rocksteady through some indiscretions. A few years ago, in fact, there was talk of the fact that the development team would have proposed a video game about the Man of Steel, which was then rejected by Warner Bros.\r\nThe proposal would have been formulated immediately after the closure of Batman’s development: Arkham Knight, but the publisher would have decided to discard it.\r\nOnly that’s not the case. At least according to Jason Schreier who, in his recent newsletter, revealed a background on Rocksteady.\r\nThe source of the original rumor actually spoke to Schreier about that information, stating that the information arose from the confusion of a person close to the matter .\r\nHere is Schreier’s reconstruction of the story:\r\n\r\n«In reality, Rocksteady has never launched or worked on a Superman game. Following the release of Arkham Knight in 2015, the studio began working on a Batman VR game and then an unannounced multiplayer game set in an original franchise, which has not been previously reported. In late 2016, a Suicide Squad game at the Warner Bros. studio in Montreal was canceled and the property was subsequently sold to Rocksteady, which began work on the current iteration in 2017.»\r\n\r \nParadoxically, the Suicide Squad has already killed the most important member of Rocksteady’s Justice League, given that the idea of ​​a Superman video game has been shelved in favor of the upcoming multiplayer video game.\r\nThe hope is that Warner Bros may change their mind in the future, driven by successful open world video games already produced, to return to the Man of Steel sooner or later.\r\nBut if you want to put your trust in Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad, you can still pre-order the title on Amazon at Best price.

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