Suicide Squad could make the joy of those who love violence in video games

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, the new Rocksteady title, apparently will be a very violent game >, according to the latest reports.

After exploring a  Gotham City without Batman thanks to Gotham Knights (you can find it on offer on Amazon), fans will soon will launch in the game dedicated to the most famous suicide squad of all time.

After seeing it in the trailer for The Game Awards, the game will allow us to follow the raids of the Suicide Squad from the DC universe, in a freely explorable Metropolis in the role of Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot.

Now, after discovering that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will receive a prequel comic series, news has emerged about the rate of blood and violence present in the title.

As PSU also reported, in fact, Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League has been classified in Singapore and, apparently, it will be a rather violent game, having achieved an 18+ rating.

The evaluation panel goes into detail on the level of violence depicted in the game, including the presence of « a character with a blade stuck in his neck, another whose heart is ripped out and a beheaded man with blood gushing from his body“.

Some areas of the city will also be littered with corpses, some of which have no limbs, but apparently it will not be possible to interact with the dead.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will be released in any case on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X / S on May 26, 2023. During tonight’s State of Play we will learn more details about the title .

Staying on the subject, it seems that the next DC game from the developer of Gotham Knights will be single-player, made with Unreal Engine 5.

But that’s not all: Batman Arkham Asylum Remake should be the game with which to relaunch the Dark Knight in the videogame universe, at least according to the fans.

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