Street Fighter 6 needs updates, but they won’t be coming anytime soon

After the sensational launch of Street Fighter 6, Capcom rested on its laurels a bit, especially with regards to interventions on the game which, despite the community’s requests, did not arrive.\r\nCapcom’s record-breaking fighting game (also returned special edition on Amazon) has not failed to provide new content to its fans, in any case.\r\nAfter Rashid and Aki, Capcom recently revealed the equally awaited new fighter, with the classic gameplay trailer that shows us the potential of Ed awaiting its release scheduled for February, but without a precise date.\r\nWith the arrival of the first Capcom Cup of Street Fighter 6 fans were hoping to have some important news, between balance and perhaps the release of And immediately after the tournament.\r\nThe Japanese company has actually often used this opportunity for the most important announcements of the previous episodes of the saga, but this will not be the case for the sixth chapter.\r\nA few hours ago, in fact, Capcom explained that there will be no announcement at the competitive event:\r\n\r\nComplimenting the first participants in the Capcom Cup of Street Fighter 6, Capcom wanted to put its hands forward and explain that there will be no announcements related to the gameplay, nor new content to be included in the title.\r\nThis means that fans will have to wait longer to have news regarding the balance of the game, as well as for the arrival of Ed and the possible reveal of Akuma, the latest character which will be part of the first round of additional content for the first season of the pass.\r\nIt’s a real shame because Street Fighter 6 was a great success for Capcom, and the hope is that it can’t lose the positive momentum just now. Especially now that Tekken 8 has made its triumphant entry onto the market, undermining the position of Capcom’s title as the reference fighting game.

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