Stray and Spyro team up in the perfect mod for nostalgic cat cats

Stray and Spyro are a potentially lethal combo, especially for nostalgic cat lovers from the Sony PlayStation world, in particular.

Spyro had already returned with a trilogy recently, in a collection that you find on Amazon and which has given a bit of play to the older players.

There has been a lot of talk about Stray , in so many different ways, and players are putting a lot of passion into it even creating the game’s first no hit runs.

A game that has really conquered everything, even Shuhei Yoshida , who doesn’t resisted showing his match at the cyberpunk kitty game.

Stray stars the now iconic red kitten , but someone thought it might be better to put Spyro as the protagonist .

The purple dragon symbol, among others, of the PlayStation era is at the center of a recently released mod , as reported by PC Gamer .

The modder MrMarco1003 created this nostalgic crossover by simply swapping the model of Stray’s kitten with that of Spyro.

For what you can see from the images , the work done by the mod for PC (which you can find at this address) is truly amazing.

It almost looks like an official skin to unlock as additional content , although it is well done.

MrMarco1003 is also a lover of Spyro (you could have guessed it a little) because he has several times replaced the purple dragon as the protagonist of many other games from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix to… Resident Evil 3 .

Speaking of mods , someone did a reverse job: inserting Stray ‘s kitty inside Grand Theft Auto V , obviously.

For the true nostalgics of the older PlayStation generations , take a moment to enjoy the autumn of 2001: a golden period for PlayStation 2 releases.

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